My New Laptop

For me it’s new but it’s a used but imported Dell Laptop (core i5).

I got it in exchange of my old Laptop, plus paid some more cash to seal the deal.

In my old laptop, there was no built-in Bluetooth device. So I had to manually connect speakers wire into it.

Which after this laptop is no longer necessary, and I can place them somewhere else in the room. So now I have more space on the table.

Another feature or facility that made me fall in love with this machine is that the keyboard buttons have small bulbs beneath them which make you see the keyboard even in the darkest hour of the night!

I also got a notebook cooling pad for keeping my intelligent machine in senses during hot days. I have heard the stories where people were complaining that the motherboard of their laptop got burnt due to over-heating. At least, I have done everything to avoid this problem. Also, it’s helping me type as if I am typing on a classic typewriter.

Thanks to God for it, I am feeling both grateful and happy! 🥰

3 responses to “My New Laptop”

  1. 🙂 I am pleased to know that you are enjoying your new Dell Laptop computer.

    I would also like to add that the battery runs down faster when Bluetooth is enabled; I advise turning the Bluetooth off after you are finished utilizing it.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Waqar.

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