Understanding Hate, Anger & Other Negative Emotions…

I just read an awesome and researched based article by Cristhian A Martínez on psyche.co. It was about what makes hate a unique emotion and why it matters.

If you have time and want to read this long article, go here: https://psyche.co/ideas/what-makes-hate-a-unique-emotion-and-why-that-matters

But if you are in hurry, just read my summary in my own words.

First about the psyche.co!

The beauty of psyche.co is that they publish philosophical articles wherein answers of complicated questions related to human beings are tried to be figured out.

After reading the article, I have found myself able to distinguish between hate and other negative emotions.

And the purpose of choosing this topic was to make you able to differentiate between the hate and other emotions as well.

Before that I used to term every bad thing as like I hate this and I hate that. For example, I hate waking up early on Monday. I hate the traffic. I hate the noise, bla bla bla.

But now I have realized that we don’t happen to hate most of the things in life. We just don’t like them.

Because we hate the things or personalities who have evil qualities in them. Or, we feel intimated or threatened by them.

The hate emotion is quite a long lasting one. And if we compare it with the anger, it’s a temporary emotion. We get angry with the people so that they change their behavior. But this is not the case with people we hate. We don’t want them to change. We don’t dislike any particular trait or habit in them. When we hate someone, our target is their whole existence.

The person you hate is the one for whom you want to think about negative and destructive things. Like, that person should completely disappear from your life.

Hate is a very intense emotions. And the people you hate make you endure more.

And, I hope that by this definition and standard of hate, there isn’t much in your life that you can say that you hate it or hate them.

I think it helps to understand the emotions we feel, because this way we become good at understanding ourselves. We become more calm and can overcome such negative emotions easily.

Photo by Mattia Ascenzo on Unsplash

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